reciTAL features in teknowlogy Group’s “AI Vendors of Tomorrow” global report

In early 2019, teknowlogy Group, an independent European market intelligence consultancy operating in the areas of digital transformation, software and IT services, released its “AI Vendors of Tomorrow – Fundamentals” mapping. The report featured reciTAL, a French startup specializing in Natural Language Processing founded in April 2017 and now boasting a workforce of 17.

teknowlogy Group carried out a major study on artificial intelligence players around the world. It listed some 3,500 startups and SMEs which are all software vendors and claim to offer artificial intelligence solutions. The Group analyzed the businesses closely (capabilities, financing, technical details, etc.) and selected about 600 of the most robust companies. teknowlogy Group then categorized the companies to provide a clear overview of who does what in a highly competitive, multi-faceted and fast-changing market. The aim of the report is to help larger corporations find partners for their AI projects.

The “Natural Language Processing” AI Fundamental features reciTAL alongside other European companies of all sizes. teknowlogy Group selected businesses developing relevant and innovative AI-based software and platforms.

“Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing in particular have witnessed major change over the past two years. Having our company featured in the report justly rewards our outstanding scientific and technical achievements since our founding in April 2017,” commented Gilles Moyse, co-founder of reciTAL.

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