reciTAL on the Financial NewTech Watchlist 2021

Selected by a panel of experts from Capgemini and l’Efma, reciTAL is featured as one of the 100 most promising FinTechs, InsurTechs and RegTechs scaleups.

A challenge to reward the most innovative financial NewTechs

Launched on the initiative of Capgemini and EFMA and powered by the FinTechVisor platform, the challenge recognizes the best Financial NewTech solutions and collaborative projects around the world.

The 11 winners were announced, during a ceremony on September 28, for each of the following 4 categories : Banking, Payments, Wealth management and Insurance.

It was also the occasion to unveil the “Financial NewTech Watchlist 2021“, the list of the 100 most revolutionary companies which “will help reshape the financial services landscape in the near future”. The companies on this list were all selected according to four criteria : the originality of their offering, business potential, impact and “wow” factor.

reciTAL, the awardee of the “Insurance” category

The “Financial NewTech Watchlist 2021” places reciTAL among the 26 best startups and scaleups of the Insurance category.

“As the first LAD / RAD player with the Deep Tech label, reciTAL guides the insurance sector by automating their extraction, categorization and search processes. Our vision is to help them accelerate digital transformation by optimizing employee productivity and satisfaction. ” – indicates Frédéric Allary, Managing Director of reciTAL.