Automate mail and document flow processing


  • Process incoming emails and documents in real time
  • Automatically trigger workflows in your CRM and ERP systems


  • Back, Middle and Front offices with significant flows of emails or tickets
  • RPA project integrators wishing to benefit from a state-of-the-art classification solution

R.O.I ?

  • Reply to your customers faster
  • Refocus your employees on tasks that create value for your customers

Classification and routing

  • Email / document processing and classification in real time
  • OCR of email attachments if required
  • Automatic forwarding of emails to folders of your Outlook, Gmail or other IMAP mailbox

Management of business rules

  • Setting up of automatic replies
  • Processing of email attachments (identification, storage, data extraction, etc.)
  • Analytics
  • Mail connectors (IMAP, Outlook, Gmail, …) and Storage (Sharepoint, Google Drive, …)
  • API connectors

Data and model management

  • Continuous improvement loop for models
  • Management of models in test and in production
  • Training of models with less than 100 examples

How does it work ?


  • You start by defining the categories / bins / folders in which you want to sort emails
  • You upload about 100 emails examples per category in Classify
  • Classify learns in a few minutes …. and your model is ready to go!


  • In passive mode: you make an API call to the Classify model from your ERP / CRM system
  • In active mode: Classify connects in a few clicks to your mailbox (IMAP, Outlook, Gmail), then it will retrieve the mails and use the trained model to forward them to the correct folders, where your administrative assistants can perform their processing
  • At any time, you can re-train a model taking into consideration user feedback

Hosting : use CLASSIFY solution wherever you want

reciTAL mutualized Cloud

SaaS offer. Secured, redundant environment, hosted in France (OVH / Equinix), managed by the reciTAL team.

Your Cloud

OVH, AWS, Azure… the reciTAL team guides you in your implementation

Your infra

The reciTAL team guides you through deployment in your internal Kubernetes or via Docker Compose

CLASSIFY in production