A complete offer to automate the analysis and processing of your documents and emails




The reciTAL platform brings together all necessary features to analyze and process your documents and emails

Content and Structure Analysis

  • OCR
  • Title detection
  • Hierarchy detection
  • Identification of elements types (text, tables, images…)
  • NER
  • Lexical indexing
  • Semantic indexing

Search, Extract and Classify NLP Features

  • Lexical search
  • Semantic search
  • End-to-end search pipeline
  • Documents classification
  • Emails with attachments classification
  • Value extraction (entity based)
  • Paragraph extraction (similarity based)
  • Answer extraction (natural language query based)

Electronic Document Management Features

  • Documents
  • Rights
  • Users / Groups
  • Metadata
  • Security policy

Smart Visualization

  • Highlighting entities (amounts, dates, addresses…)
  • Filtering on paragraphs of interest
  • Filtering by content types (text, images, tables…)
  • Table of content (re)building and smart navigation

Connectors for all your Data Sources

Sharepoint, Google Drive, shared drives…
Synchronize your data sources and rights.

API or reciTAL Interface, you choose

The platform is entirely consumable through API to build your own use cases or integrate it into your systems.
The platform can also be directly used through its user interface.

Hosting: use the platform anywhere you want

reciTAL Shared Cloud

SaaS offer. Secured servers with redudancy. Hosting in France (OVH and Equinix), managed by reciTAL.

reciTAL Dedicated Cloud

Hosting on a dedicated cloud, managed by reciTAL.

Your Cloud

OVH, AWS, Azure… reciTAL assist you in your deployment.

Your Infrastructure

reciTAL assist you in deploying on your internal Kubernetes.


  • Double authentication
  • Encrypted communications
  • Multi-cloud redundancy
    in France

The secure SaaS platform is supervised 24/7. Data is hosted in France in an ISO 27001/27017/ 27018/22301-certified environment regularly audited by auditors holding PASSI certification from France’s National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI).

An expert team of facilitators


The Customer Success team guarantees the platform rapid adoption by your teams.


The project team is with you every step during your platform integration and configuration in your ecosystem.


The datascience team helps you maximize the platform potential to address your most ambitious use cases.


The full platform schema

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