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Our vision:
One step further in the digital transformation of your business

Companies have vast amounts of information stored in documents. This is largely unstructured data. Searching for insights and processing information can be difficult and is always time-consuming.

Handling large numbers of documents is a costly process and a challenge for businesses – replying to customers’ queries, analyzing contracts, processing emails, evaluating risks, carrying out due diligence and implementing a compliance program are just some of the complex tasks facing a company.

The extraordinary advances of Natural Language Processing (NLP) over the past three years have opened up new avenues for Document Intelligence. reciTAL is riding the wave of the NLP revolution. Our platform delivers the benefits of recent progress in deep learning and NLP to all users and provides new applications for business.

Pre-trained language models are one of the drivers of this revolution. These models involve understanding some aspects of language and facilitate the full range of traditional NLP tasks, such as searching, extracting, identifying and categorizing.
Understanding, accessing and automating text documents, or unstructured data, is now faster, easier and more accurate.

We are experiencing a watershed moment in the digital transformation of businesses. The impact on business processes will be comparable to the changes ushered in by ERP and CRM 20 years ago.

Our values

Sovereignty: Our SaaS platform is hosted in Europe by OVH.

Excellence: We are working with the leading research teams in NLP globally.

Results-driven Culture: Our project teams are focused on achieving specific, measurable outcomes.



Gilles is an engineering graduate of UTC and holds a PhD in computer science from Sorbonne Université.
« I have been involved as an academic researcher in the NLP revolution since 2011. I still believe it’s just the beginning… »
Frédéric is a graduate of Sciences-Po and HEC and holds a bachelor’s degree in econometrics.
« As Chief Strategy Officer at the Le Parisien newspaper, I am confident that NLP is about to disrupt every industry dealing with language. I still believe it’s just the beginning… »

Scientific Advisory Board

Stuart Russell
Professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley
« reciTAL is one of a small number of companies that is developing the next generation of natural language technology. »
Antoine Bordes
Director – Facebook AI Research Europe
« The field of NLP has evolved dramatically in recent times. reciTAL is at the forefront of the movement to build the next generation of Document Management Systems. »

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Achievements & Awards

  • 2019 – AI Paris Awards winner