Reads and analyzes all your corporate data (documents, emails, forums, FAQ, chat log ...) to make it a reliable knowledge base
Quickly and accurately locates required information within this knowledge base
Answers all your questions in the most appropriate manner
  • Form
  • Mail
  • Chatbot
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Genius Process Map

  • Genius turns your mailing history into a searchable source of knowledge
  • Genius creates a bot that answers questions by exploiting your documents
  • Genius automatically fills out forms within your documents
  • Genius adds value to ​​your data

The advantages of Genius

Unique technology

Genius is based on a question and answer system drawn from the largest French database available to date, created by Récital

A state-of- the-art model

A deep neural network for the analysis of questions and inverted indexes for the analysis of documents

Immediate integration of your data

Thanks to our tools of NLP and email analysis, we directly gather your email and document database to make it a source of knowledge

They trust us

LexisNexis Genius to automate the analysis of legal decisions