Automation of recurring tasks
  • Classification of emails
  • Assignment of emails to the right people
  • Triggering processes
  • Document retrievals
  • Email replies
Elimination of errors
  • Verification of outgoing emails
  • Prevention of data leakage
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Quieto Process Map

Processing incoming emails

Processing outgoing emails

The advantages of Quieto

For the client
    • Time saved
    • Elimination of daunting tasks
    • Revaluation of client’s activity
For his recipient
    • Faster response
    • Error-free response
For the structure
    • The elimination of potential operational risk
    • Legal compliance

Current satisfied clients who actively use our solutions

Société Générale Quieto is used to process the SGCIB middle office emails
Natixis Quieto automatically processes the emails of NATIXIS WEALTH MANAGEMENT