Each of the 30,000 employees saves 1.5 hours every week searching for information


The sales representatives of a large banking group struggle to find accurate and reliable information about their banking and insurance products, creating unhappy customers.

It can be time-consuming searching through a corpus of several thousand documents (with each document ranging in size from a few pages to hundreds of pages). The information is often inaccurate, out of date or unavailable for a range of reasons and they need to contact an expert.


Our Search product is an API solution that can be accessed on the company intranet.

  • Employees can ask natural language questions
  • They can then access accurate and reliable information (the right document, the right page and the right paragraph)

The entire process takes less than 3 seconds

Our project

On-Premises cluster using Docker

Dedicated GPU

More than 40,000 documents

Daily incremental reindexing

Customer benefits

  • Enhanced productivity: Each of the 30,000 employees saves 1.5 hours per week
  • Increased reliability: 92% accuracy in the top three
  • Reduced number of calls to in-house experts
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