A French insurance company reduces its customer response time from 36 hours to 2 hours


Customers of a major French insurance group wait 36 hours on average before receiving a reply to their email query.

It takes several employees from the customer relationship center an entire morning to read hundreds of emails and redirect them to the right department.

But most of the emails are recurring queries that don’t require any specialist expertise.


Our Automate product automatically classifies, routes and processes emails in three easy steps:

  • Reads emails (and attachments) and automatically sends emails to relevant departments
  • Extracts attachments, analyzes the information and enters the data into the IS
  • Submits suggested email replies to operations teams

Our project

Handling of around 15 job categories per department

Initial training involving a dataset of 100 emails per category

Retraining and continuous learning based on user feedback

On-Premises rollout

Connection to five IT applications/job

Customer benefits

  • Faster customer response times (average response time slashed from 36 hours to 2 hours)
  • Enhanced productivity (email processing times reduced fivefold)
  • Improved quality of information supplied to CRM process
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