Your customer relations teams find it difficult to respond quickly to the precise questions of your customers: they have to search in several storage media, find the right document, open it, retrieve the precise information, etc.

The time spent searching for information prevents a smooth exchange, leading to dissatisfaction with existing customers or prospects and lengthening resolution times.


Thanks to the reciTAL platform, answers to your customers’ questions are immediately available to your employees, even if they are only present in a single paragraph embedded in the middle of hundreds of documents.

Your customer relations teams only have to ask the question and the paragraph containing the answer is immediately displayed.

When the right paragraph is found, the employee can open the document at the right page and highlight information that interests him/her: rate, amount, duration, date…

In addition, the structure of the document is recognized by the reciTAL platform, which allows employees to navigate much faster in the document.

reciTAL assets

The reciTAL platform can be easily integrated into your environment to index documents from all your data sources: EDMS, Sharepoint, shared disk, etc.

The platform understands all types of documents: scans, Word, Excel, PDF, Powerpoint …


  • You can switch to the paid version to access all of Search’s features: add more documents, grant access to your employees, configure the solution to your needs, etc.
  • You can go deeper into the test, and build a POC project with our Customer Success team
  • If the solution suits you but you need to integrate it into an existing application, connect it to specific data sources or host it in a particular environment, our technical team defines with you an integration and production project


In a large French bank, each of the 80,000 employees save an average of 2 hours per week.