Extraction of critical clauses from contracts (Libor, Force majeure…)


Immediatly identify critical clauses in your contracts database in your Compliance and Due Diligence processes

Pain points

Cost and time of processing

Challenges techniques

  • Poor quality of traditional extraction processes (BPO, rules, keywords)
  • High volume of contracts
  • Heterogeneous writing of searching clauses
  • Complex settings and training processes


reciTAL EXTRACT, first Intelligent Document Processing solution with French Deep Tech label

reciTAL advantages

  • 50+ types of preconfigured documents
  • Management of all types of documents (structured, semi-structured and unstructured)
  • Very simple configuration without training
  • Precision of paragraph extraction > 95% with 10 exemples
  • Post processing error correction interface with prefilled fields in MCQ mode

Type of documents

Semistructured documents : loan agreements, sales contracts, employment contracts

Data points

  • LIBOR clauses
  • Force majeure clauses

Success stories

More use cases

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