Purchase Orders flows


Automated extraction of key data from purchase orders

Pain points

High cost and manuel entries prone to human errors

Technical challenges

  • Poor quality of traditional extraction processes (BPO, rules, …)
  • High volume of documents (more than 500 pages)
  • Poor quality of documents
  • Complex settings and training processes


reciTAL EXTRACT, first Intelligent Document Processing solution with French Deep Tech label

reciTAL advantages

  • 50+ types of preconfigured documents
  • Management of all types of documents (structured, semi-structured and unstructured
  • Very simple configuration without training
  • Control of public repositories (National directory of addresses, Trade and Company Register, etc.) or custom (ERP)
  • Post processing error correction interface with prefilled fields in MCQ mode

Type of documents

  • Purchase orders
  • Email with attachments

Data points

  • Orders numbers
  • IBAN
  • Date
  • Amounts
  • Rate
  • Product description
  • Customer identification

More use cases

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