Extraction of specific paragraphs from documents of Public Administration


Answer to questions from regulators by allowing analysts to directly and simply extract useful information from business activities reports

Pain points

Cost and time management

Technical challenges

  • Poor quality of traditional extraction processes (BPO, rules, …)
  • Low customer satisfaction (processing delays of subscription / claim )
  • Various types of documents
  • Poor quality of documents
  • Heterogeneous writing and readability of information


reciTAL EXTRACT, first Intelligent Document Processing solution with French Deep Tech label

reciTAL advantages

  • 50+ types of preconfigured documents
  • “Management of all types of documents (structured, semi-structured and unstructured)
  • Very simple configuration in a “low data” mode
  • Precision of paragraph extraction > 95% with 10 exemples
  • Post processing error correction interface with prefilled fields in MCQ mode

Type of documents

Semistructured documents : Business activities reports, ESG reports, financial analysis notes

Data points

  • Composition of the board of directors in annual reports
  • Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions in ESG reports
  • Regional strategy within financial analysis notes

Success stories

More use cases