The search for critical clauses in large sets of contracts is one of the critical phases of the Due Diligence and Compliance processes:

  • LIBOR clauses in structured loan agreements ;
  • Force majeure clauses in commercial contracts ;
  • Non compete clauses in employment contracts ;
  • etc.

The difficulty of the task lies in the possibly very heterogeneous drafting of the clauses.

Basic keyword-based approach cannot cope with this complexity.

This type of task can mobilize teams of experts for hundreds of hours.


Thanks to the Paragraph Extract feature, the reciTAL platform offers intelligent extraction capabilities:

  • The user gives a first example of a clause to extract
  • The platform suggets similar clauses in other contracts
  • The platform “learns” from user feedbacks and improves its performance
  • When the performance achieved is deemed satisfactory, automatic mass extraction can be performed

reciTAL assets

Saas or On-Prem deployment

OCR for scanned documents

Learning with less than 10 examples

Multilingual extraction

Customer benefits

Automatic analysis of thousands of heterogeneous, scanned and multilingual contracts

Decrease in human operational risk

Speed ​​of setup time and processing time divided by 10