Information search from the databases of broker documents (Agents Augmentation)


Answer immediatly to all the questions from your customers and prospects

Pain points

Time spent searching for information, saturated in-house experts

Technical challenges

  • Low customer satisfaction (processing delays)
  • Various types of documents and processes
  • Complex insurance offers
  • Turnover and skills development for new agents



reciTAL advantages

  • Management of all types of documents (structured, semistructured and unstructured)
  • Cutting of documents into logical units
  • 92% of correct answers thanks to semantic, lexical and contextual undersanding
  • Can be integrated by API connector (Chatbots, ECM, Intranet)
  • Management of metadata filters and thesaurus

Type of documents

  • Structured documents : pricing
  • Unstructured documents : brochures, management processes

Data points

Success stories

More use cases

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