Cut your folds, gather isolated pages, classify your documents and e-mails, route them to the right contacts, automate your business logic.


Standard feeds

End-to-end no-code workflow, from ingestion to validated business output.

Specific flows

Low-code parameterization thanks to 100% API-based architecture.


Validation with configurable business rules, automatic retrieval and movement of e-mails after categorization.


Production flow reporting: volumes, usage, audit trails.


IMAP mailbox connection, user / pwd logins or OAuth 2.0.


Access management (administrators, videocoders, users).

Cut and merge


Automatic division of large files containing multiple documents into individual documents.


Reconstitution of received documents into individual pages (reverse operation of cutting).


Automatic naming with data extracted from documents in the feed.



Categorize e-mails (subject, body, attachments / OCR) and documents (text, images)

Training studio

Machine learning, training reporting, dataset management, model versioning

Continuous improvement

Take user feedback into account to improve models

Production monitoring

Real-time monitoring of model performance, simulations with other models, management of models in production


Customizable performance statistics by model, date and category

Why choose the reciTAL platform?

The power of Deep Learning

Thanks to our mastery of multimodal models (text AND image), the platform offers performances that open up new opportunities for automation, particularly for complex and highly variable documents.

A publisher close to you

The reciTAL teams in Paris, Tours and Bordeaux are on hand to understand your specific business needs and ensure the success of your projects.


You can use the preloaded templates and workflows, or adapt them to your specific needs. All without coding.

Which deployment? Saas or On Prem?

The choice is yours!

The public Saas version is the simplest and most cost-effective solution. Our servers are hosted in France.

In On Prem / Private Cloud versions, the reciTAL platform can be deployed on your own infrastructure. Our applications are fully containerized, and our technical team will help you with your installation.

What are the SaaS platform's security features?

Penetration tests are carried out regularly on the reciTAL platform.

The reciTAL platform is behind a Web Application Firewall to control incoming flows.

A monitoring and alerting system is also deployed for H24 surveillance.

All data is stored and redundantly hosted by OVH in France.

Finally, a minimum amount of data is stored on the reciTAL servers. And for those that need to be, they are automatically deleted after a configurable delay in the application, in compliance with the RGPD.