With 6 PhDs and doctoral students and over 20 scientific publications, the reciTAL teams are helping to advance the state of the art.

Document Layout Understanding

Crossing language and vision to boost the performance of data extraction models. In-depth work on the management of Reading Order issues.

Generative AI

Fine-tune generative models on specific IDP tasks and evaluate their contribution in terms of extraction performance and normalization capability.

Question Answering

Fine-tune extractive and generative models to be able to generate a natural language response from a user query and a document base.

R&D partnerships

1 Scientific Advisory Board
Stuart Russell, Antoine Bordes.
2 CIFRE theses
With LIP6 (Paris VI Sorbonne University and CNRS) and ESILV in the field of text generation, Document Layout Understanding and Question Answering.
1 Supercomputer
GENCI partnership for access to the Jean Zay Supercomputer installed and operated at the CNRS Institute for Development and Resources in Scientific Computing (IDRIS) in Orsay.

Scientific advisory board

Stuart Russell

Professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley - Co-author (with Peter Norvig) of the standard text in the field.

reciTAL is one of a small number of companies that is developing the next generation of natural language technology”.

Stuart Russell

Antoine Bordes

Former Director - Facebook AI Research - FAIR Paris

” reciTAL ‘s current market positioning corresponds exactly to the topics on which AI can help today and have an impact on businesses.”

Antoine Bordes