Your business requires you to read and analyze large volumes of financial documents (tax returns, balance sheets, financial statements, annual reports, etc.).

The reciTAL platform offers a unique solution for processing financial documents in both structured (CERFA forms) and free-form formats:

  • Detection of useful pages within the document (e.g. assets, liabilities, cash flow statement, appendices, etc.).
  • Standardized line extraction: each line is reconciled with the chosen reference system (CERFA codes, PCG, US GAAP, etc.).
  • Standard extraction of columns (gross, amortization, net, n, n-1), regardless of their order of presentation
  • Hundreds of business checks (rows, columns, subtotals, totals) to identify pages requiring human verification or correction.
  • A video coding interface
  • A dedicated reporting tool.

For the flow of balance sheets and tax returns received by French registries, reciTAL technology offers an automation rate of 98%, i.e. of the 700 possible values to be extracted, 98% are correct.

For Financial Statements in US formats, the automation rate is 96%.

Why reciTAL

The only solution offering an automation rate > 96%.

Ready-to-use FR and US models - training a new model in less than 1 month.

Extremely fine-grained control and reporting, to optimize residual video coding effort