Automated management of purchase invoices is one of the most frequent uses of LAD-RAD software.

The reciTAL platform takes advantage of the latest AI technologies to optimize automatic extraction performance, offering a solution that can process “never seen” invoices and extract header/footer data as well as “line” data.

The main steps offered by the reciTAL solution include :

  • Invoice retrieval via API or as e-mail attachment
  • OCRization, pre-processing, cropping
  • Extraction of header/footer and line data (15 to 40 fields extracted depending on configuration)
  • Logical checks (sums, VAT, etc.)
  • Repository checks (addresses, suppliers, purchase orders, product codes, etc.)
  • Video coding interface in case of invalid control
  • Data structuring for integration into EDM, ERP or accounting software.

Why reciTAL

Processes all invoices, including "never seen" invoices (no template logic or rules to update)

Extraction of invoice/quotation lines

Continuous improvement in customer flow - each organization can customize its model simply by training.