Find the answer in your documents collection


  • SEARCH stores and indexes your documents intelligently, with syntactic (keyword) and semantic (meaning of words) approach
  • It “cuts” documents into logical units to facilitate your research and optimize the results rendering


  • For organizations that need to quickly find information in their document collection
  • For integrators / consultants on Knowledge Management projects

R.O.I ?

  • Reply much faster to your customers
  • Decrease solicitation of your in-house experts
  • Radically facilitate the Knowledge Management projects
  • Reduce your knowledge base management costs

A search engine that finds the answer in your documents

  • Flexible solution: can be queried in natural language or with key words
  • Correct answer identification (92% of correct answers) thanks to semantic, lexical and contextual understanding
  • Presentation of the answer in the original paragraph for better identification by the user
  • Management of metadata filters and synonym dictionaries

Navigate your documents efficiently

  • Document management via an integrated ECM
  • Document opens directly on the right page and key information are highlighted (automatic identification of entities: amounts, rates, dates, durations, names, email addresses ..)

A pipeline that can be integrated into all your systems

  • Indexing & lexical / semantic search
  • End-to-end search pipeline that can be integrated by API connector (Chatbots, ECM, Intranet)

How does it work ?


  • Automatically generate your filters (metadata)
  • Optimize your search pipeline:
    • Thesaurus
    • Autocorrection
    • Manage favorites option
    • ..


Choose the appearance of the search bar to integrate SEARCH into your favorite business applications

Hosting : use the platform wherever you want

reciTAL mutualized Cloud

SaaS offer. Secure, redundant environment, hosted in France (OVH / Equinix), managed by the reciTAL team.

Your Cloud

OVH, AWS, Azure… the reciTAL team guides you in your implementation.

Your infra

The reciTAL team guides you through the deployment in your internal Kubernetes or via Docker Compose.

SEARCH in production