AG2R LA MONDIALE calls on reciTAL, a specialist in automatic document processing, to make its incoming email flow management process faster and smoother. Based on artificial intelligence, reciTAL ‘s automated email classification solution saves 15% of time for customer relationship center (CRC) managers.

In 2019, AG2R LA MONDIALE, a specialist in social and asset protection in France, launched an experiment to optimize the automatic detection of complaints in incoming flows (scanned mail, emails) to provide policyholders with answers as quickly as possible.

This automation project is crucial, as it involves time-consuming tasks such as opening and sorting emails, and routing them to the right people, carried out on a daily basis by dozens of CRC managers and advisors. The goal is ambitious: to be able to classify incoming flows automatically with a success rate equivalent to human processing.

From experimentation to deployment in several customer relations centers

“With the support of the open innovation team, we carried out a market analysis, followed by a test phase with a selection of service providers. reciTAL was the obvious choice, thanks to the efficiency and precision of its solution. This success is due to the close collaboration between our customer relations, information systems and purchasing teams, and those of reciTAL, from experimentation through to deployment of the solution. With its original co-constructed design, this solution frees up the time of Group employees, so that they can devote themselves fully to supporting our policyholders”, explains Cyril Durupt, Smart Automation Project Director at AG2R LA MONDIALE.

During the test phase, AG2R LA MONDIALE’s business teams and reciTAL s data scientists worked together on training the reciTAL classifier, based on a sample of emails representative of business activity and the effects of seasonality. This stage also enabled us to get to grips with the manual processing processes in place, as well as to increase the skills of our teams in the operation of the reciTAL solution.

The first scope to go live in April 2021 covers CRC Entreprises. Today, the reciTAL solution processes 100,000 email flows a year, dividing them into 13 categories with over 90% accuracy. Depending on the category identified, emails are automatically forwarded to the management centers or processed by the CRC for level 1 responses.

The results exceeded expectations: CRC managers saved more than 15% of their time processing customer emails.

The project has since been extended to CRC Santé, which processes 300,000 emails a year, with commissioning scheduled for late 2021.

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