Document capture solutions are becoming more and more sophisticated. Against this backdrop, it’s hardly surprising that software publishers and DMS integrators are looking to improve their document capture capabilities.

The stakes are indeed crucial: to offer their customers ever more effective solutions and to stand out from the other players in the market. So it’s a good idea to ask yourself whether your document capture solution is still at the cutting edge, given the solutions available on the market today. Here are 7 signs that your document capture solution has become obsolete.

1. Your current solution requires processing time

For software publishers and DMS integrators, the challenge is more than ever to automate everything. To assess the performance of your document capture solution, ask yourself whether you could automate certain tasks that are currently performed manually. Most document capture solutions require a great deal of human processing time. Today, new tools make it possible to automate certain processes from A to Z, thanks to simple processes and a high confidence score. In addition, you need to know when human intervention is required, so that you can mobilize your teams solely for verification tasks, and when this is necessary.

2. Your solution lacks reliable document capture

The second key element to consider when evaluating your current document capture solution is its performance. Is the information captured reliable? Does your tool regularly miss information or misunderstand documents?

Today, no document capture solution is perfect, be it human or software. On the other hand, some are more reliable than others. Gaining in reliability to limit human intervention or knowing when it is necessary is therefore crucial.

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